Wednesday night ride #2

Wednesday night ride #2

Wednesday Night Ride #2 is fast approaching and all indications are that we will have another outstanding turnout
We are planning to have 5 groups with each group having a lead Ride Captains and a tail gunner both will be wearing bright safety vests. Also for ease of group separation we have given each group a color designation.

Routes are basically the same as last week with extensions…see attached links… Once everybody gets comfortable we can start crossing Lakeshore and going down by the lake etc.

We will attempt to have all groups finish within 5-10 min of each other so that riders get a chance to chat and share their experience.

Orange …

Pink …

Red – Blue – Black …

The 5 groups will be set as below:

Orange … 15-18 kph avg and guided by Jon and Dick … 70 min

Pink …. 18- 22 kph avg and guided by Kevin and Diane … 75min

Red … 22- 26 kph avg guided by Anita and Cam ….. 75 min

Blue … 26 – 30 kph avg guided by Kathy and Ken. …. 75 min

Black… 30-34kph avg guided by Kim and Glen…. 70 min

Jon & Dick will give a short talk to their group about cycling methods, changing gear etc prior to departing

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