Are there local bike shops for last minute supplies?

Yes, shown on website.

Can I go on course and cheer people on?


Can I ride a shorter route than what I registered for?

Yes. We will allow riders to move to a shorter route without having to pay a transfer fee. However we can’t allow riders to ride a longer route than they are registered.

Can I ride with headphones during the event?

We strictly ban them.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, please click on the Volunteer tab and register.

Do I have to start at the designated start time?

Yes. It is mandatory to start at the time shown for the Route you have registered for.

Do I need a license to participate?

No, You do not need a special license to ride however you do need a one day Ontario Cycling Association Membership which is included in your registration fee.

How does The Bluewater International Granfondo (BIG) work?

The BIG is a large group ride with several timed sections. Riders can choose between different course lengths. Riders can ride at their own pace with the goal to finish or compete for best time over the timed sections.

How is the course timed?

We use a proven timing system used in national championship events. Each rider will get a chip and be timed as they cross through timing sections. Splits will be recorded and posted at the event and online.  The 150 kilometer route has 4 timed sections, the 100 kilometer route has 2 timed sections, and the 50 Kilometer route has 1 timed section. Timing chips must be returned. Failure to return chips will result in a charge.

If I can’t finish what do I do?

If you feel like you cannot finish, take one of the shorter routes back.  There will be a Support and Gear wagon (SAG) or commonly know as the broom wagon that can give a ride back to the finish area, however, this vehicle will stay behind the last rider and will not provide immediate transport back.

Is Mechanical Support provided

Roving mechanical support is offered but be prepared to fix your own flats as you may have to wait longer for the roving support than it will take to fix it yourself.

Is my Entry Fee Tax-Deductable?

No, your entry fee is not tax-receipted. Additional donations to the two Charities that we support will be receipted by these charities.

Is there a mass start?

No. Each route will have its own start time specifically designed to avoid mass start anxiety and allow riders of all routes to be able to finish within a reasonable time of each other.

This structure allows for the focus to be about enjoyment while allowing your competitive juices to flow during the timed sections. It also allows for regrouping with friends in between the timed sections or riding your own comfortable pace.

Is there a minimum age for participation?

Yes, Riders must be 16 years of age by July 31st 2016 to participate.

Is there a time cut-off?

Yes, there are cut off times for timed sections and overall. The cut-off times are based on maintaining a minimum average progression speed (note: this is not average ride speed, this is progression average and includes all stopped time).

This is done for rider safety and to be respectful to on-course volunteers whose hard work makes the BIG a success. All timed sections are open for specific durations, you must enter and exit each time section during the specified scheduled time each section is open.  This is figured on maintaining an average progression speed of 20 kph for THE BLUEWATER 150K and THE LAMBTON 100K and 15 kph for THE SARNIA 50K.

Is there food provided?

Yes, at Fuel Stations and after the finish we supply hot food, but we also recommend checking out a real meal in the downtown areas.

Rain or shine?


Refunds or transfers?

No refunds but transfers will be granted if you cannot participate in the event.

Still have a question

Contact info@bigf.ca

What are the categories?

There are several categories.  The overall male and female winners are those who have the lowest combined time regardless of categories.

Your racing age is the age you will be on July 31st of the current year.

  • Junior Male 16-18
  • Men 19-34
  • Men 35-44
  • Men 45-54
  • Men 55-64
  • Men 65 and up
  • Junior Female 16-18
  • Women 19-34
  • Women 35-44
  • Women 45-54
  • Women 55-64
  • Women 65 and up
What are the courses like?

Choose between 150, 100 and 50 Kilometer distances. The roads are NOT CLOSED TO TRAFFIC but they are some of the less travelled roads of the region. Scenic, challenging, and safe are the objectives regarding course design.

What are the size options for jerseys

Custom event jerseys are Italian design and produced by Giordana. Sizes are shown when registering. Size is not guaranteed if you registrar for the event after July 1st 2017

What bike is appropriate?

Bikes are required to be in Excellent working order – road bikes are preferable, but mountain and hybrid touring bikes are acceptable.

What does it cost?
Before June 1st    

After June 1st

  After July 25th
The Bluewater $110 The Bluewater $130 The Bluewater $160
The Lambton $80 The Lambton $100 The Lambton $125
The Sarnia $50 The Sarnia $50 The Sarnia $75


What is included in my entry?
  • Quality Italian bike jersey
  • Fully stocked Fuel Stations with energy products, drinks, food and fruit
  • Timed Sections
  • Entry into an Italian Cycling trip draw (see website for details)
  • Post ride hot food and beverage
  • Post ride live music
  • Mechanical support enroute
  • Ride Captain assistance
  • Quite country roads
  • Finishers medals
  • A BIG swag bag at registration
  • Event give aways
  • An unforgettable experience from a grand day on the bike while riding with many of your new friends
What is Packet Pickup?

Packet pickup is at Blackwell Cycle on Friday evening and Saturday and at Mike Weir Park  on Sunday you will get your rider packet, your race jersey and your swag bag. You should do this in person however we will accept having a friend with signed authorization  You will be required to show your photo ID. No exceptions!


  • Friday,from 5pm to 8pm and Saturday 11am TO 5pm at Blackwell Cycle on 1801 Blackwell Rd Sarnia 519 491 1777
  • Sunday, ride-day, from 6am to 8:30am at Mike Weir Park

We strongly recommend you pick your packet up Friday or Saturday  to avoid the Sunday morning rush.

What riding gear/things do you need?
  • Snell approved safety rating Helmet—no helmet, no ride!
  • Water bottles
  • Tire pump or CO2 cartridges
  • Appropriate riding clothing to match the weather report
  • If you have odd sized tires or tubes, bring an extra spare
  • Personal ID and medical insurance cards
  • Cell phone
Where are the Fuel Stations?

Fuel stations provide food and drink along the route. The 150k Route has 3 Fuel Stations – The 100K Route has 2 Fuel Stations and the 50K has one Fuel Station. The location of the Fuel stations are marked on the Route maps online.

Where can I stay?

See the local area page for details.

Where is the start location?

Mike Weir Park in Sarnia Ontario see web site for location.

Where is there parking?

Ample parking is available at Mike Weir Park.

Will the roads be closed to traffic?

No. At all times riders have to obey traffic laws and ride on the right hand side of the road. Riders have to follow the instructions of police officers, course marshals, and volunteers to avoid disqualification.

Will there be restrooms at the start/finish and on route

Yes there will be port-a-johns at the start/finish area as well as at Fuel stations.

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